Everything in the sensory world can be interpreted as a symbol representing an aspect of the Greatest Thing.  A flower has its own process of living, but we must not forget how its existence depends upon the bee, and vica versa.  These symbols are physical manifestations of the process of Life, which we experience with the senses our bodies provide for us.  As humans, when we live only for ourselves we exist "apart" from the Greatest Thing, and therefore are able to survive, but are unable to grow and evolve.  Truth is revealed when we live in recognition that we are "a part of" the Greatest Thing, not "apart from" it.  


My visual work is a network of symbols that are tied together by unconscious, visual repetitions which indicate a morphology of form, visually displaying one symbol in relation to another.  When looking, I advise you to take some time until you begin to "see".  My current goal is to represent the experience of humanity through portrayal of the human body as a "part" of others, as well as nature.   When an entire composition is viewed, it is representative of the cohesion of the Greatest Thing.  Yet one piece of artwork, and one "life" is not enough  to understand the complexity of the Whole.  Manifesting these microcosms throughout my life, (whether visual, musical, or written in word; though my focus is on visual work), brings me closer to this great great thing, which one can only experience through their own creative understanding and compassion for their fellow man and our home, planet Earth.